April 11 is National Cheese Fondue Day

In Case You Missed It…..

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Interesting Food Facts about Cheese Fondue

  1. The melted cheese dish known as fondue is Swiss in origin.
  2. Cow herders, who had long winters with few provisions, invented the dish.
  3. Other nationalities have similar recipes involving things like creamy eggs.
  4. The way the Swiss dish obtained a French name is a mystery, though there is a powerful influence of French language speakers in Switzerland even today.
  5. The Swiss nobles liked the dish so much that they adapted it from its humble beginnings to make it a dish of the nobility.

Fun Fact:

Fondue became popular in the U.S. during the mid-1960s after American tourists discovered it in Switzerland.
Over 100 varieties of cheese fondue exist, each with a unique name and different blend of cheeses, wine and seasoning.
Tradition states that if bread falls off a woman’s fork and into the pot she must kiss her neighbor. If a man drops…

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