@GLEEonFOX – GLEE in NYC, What’s the Verdict?

GLEEI have a confession to make…. I am a GLEEK!

The show captured my heart when it first came on the air and through some MAJOR high points and pitfalls I have continued to watch.

Last year I got incredibly frustrated with the show and wrote a commentary on my “other” blog entitled Has GLEE Jumped the Shark.  At the time, I was done with GLEE, it just wasn’t the show I fell in love with anymore.  Sadly, the death of Cory Monteith is what brought me back to the show.

The tribute show after Monteith’s death was beautifully handled and underscored what GLEE does so well.  After “The Quarterback,” I decided to give the show a second chance.

I recognize that doing a split show has been difficult for Murphy et al and for the most part they have succeeded.  Unfortunately the new cast just never caught on and were not strong enough characters to build on.  With the graduation of the final original casts, it was nice to see the move to New York.

This week, I tuned in to find a more grown up, exciting show.  It was nice to see the main characters all in the same city again as they begin their lives as adults.  What I appreciated most was the music…. there seemed to be more music in this new incarnation of GLEE.

I hope they continue to grow.  The original GLEEKS are growing up and so should the cast members, plus some of us already old GLEEKS like the more grown up mature show too.

Congratulations to Ryan Murphy and his team for a successful transition… keep it going!

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