@CNN – How evangelicals won a culture war and lost a generation

How evangelicals won a culture war and lost a generation

Are church teachings on homosexuality driving millennials away from faith?
March 31st, 2014
02:18 PM ET

How evangelicals won a culture war and lost a generation

Opinion by Rachel Held Evans, special to CNN

(CNN) – On March 24, World Vision announced that the U.S. branch of the popular humanitarian organization would no longer discriminate against employees in same-sex marriages.

It was a decision that surprised many but one that made sense, given the organization’s ecumenical nature.

But on March 26, World Vision President Richard Stearns reversed the decision, stating, “our board acknowledged that the policy change we made was a mistake.”

Supporters helped the aid group “see that with more clarity,” Stearns added, “and we’re asking you to forgive us for that mistake.”

So what happened within those 48 hours to cause such a sudden reversal?

The Evangelical Machine kicked into gear.

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3 thoughts on “@CNN – How evangelicals won a culture war and lost a generation

  1. allieoopl8ee says:

    I’m a conservative Christian woman wondering if CNN would hire me… or I’d really rather work for Green Peace. I’m sure they aren’t worried about what type of person I am and as an employee I’d like a salary comparable to my fellow employees. I have every right to work for either company. I care about the environment. I have qualifications !


  2. musingsfromthejohn says:

    Somewhere along the line American Christianity has seriously lost its way. It has allowed itself to become an almost single issue institution: hate gays and lesbians and not much more. I wonder where the good news is in all of this hate mongering.


    • Kendall says:

      I try not to group ALL Christianity into that ilk, I am fortunate to have found a Church that loves and accepts me for who I am…. do we have differences, of course, but there is no hate and the hate that is found in some “churches” is not tolerated.

      Like most worthwhile endeavors, you just have to search out where you are comfortable. I don’t have a problem with someone hating me when I know they hate me, I just don’t like to be surprised.


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