@GoodMenProject – The Innate Sexiness of Everyday Men in Underwear

From the Blog Good Men Project

The Innate Sexiness of Everyday Men in Underwear


David Stanley looks at a campaign that shows what everyday men would look like modeling underwear. And he likes what he sees.

I am going to out myself. A nearly naked David Beckham is sexy. So are a nearly naked David Landy, Freddie Ljungberg, or Cristiano Ronaldo. Posed in their skivvies, their photographs made this middle-aged straight guy, ahem, sit up and take notice. Do I want to sleep with them? No, but when I see those guys; 6% body fat, high cheekbones, and skimpy bulged out drawers, I definitely admire the packaging. I get what they’re selling.  When ultra-sexy men sell underwear to men, and to the men and women who buy underwear for their men, that’s marketing excellence. It also makes us ‘regular’ men stand in our briefs in front of the mirror and say “Hmm, how do I get some of that sexy?”

Read the complete article, along with more photos here.

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