SPOILERS from 3/26 Episode – Survivor – Quitters, Blindsides & Woo @Survivor_Tweet @jeffprobst

121613_survivorLast night’s episode of Survivor finally began to draw me in to the season.  As I have reported earlier, I haven’t really gotten into things so far, but last night that changed.

I think two teams are better for the show than three.  With three the teams are just too small to be impactful.  The dynamics of two teams is easier to follow and more enjoyable for the viewer with rivalries being created.

Now that the show is down to two teams and next week the final merge, the fun has begun.

The show kicked off last night with what seemed to be a typical Survivor argument between contestants.  In the dark of night, Trish and Lindsey went at each other over a blindside vote.  Lindsey came up on the short side of the vote and her ally was eliminated, she took on Trish and in the long run tucked her tail, ran off to hide and quit the game.

I can’t stand quitters.  Lindsey can rationalize that she didn’t want to do something to embarrass herself in front of her kid all she wants, the fact remains she is a quitter.  Lindsey joins a short list of disgraced quitters who should have stayed home and never even auditioned for the show.

Ironically Trish made a “joke” later in the show that she is a man…. I don’t doubt she has the biggest dick on the island,  but if I am a contestant on the show no giant penis, male or female,  is going to make me quit!

Lindsey is a quitter, don’t bring her back for the finale, take her off the website and forget she was ever part of the Survivor franchise, she doesn’t deserve it.

One of my favorite parts of Survivor is a good blindside.  Last night we got a great blindside.  All evening Alexis tried to turn her teammates against Jeremiah.

If there was an opportunity to be huddled up talking smack about someone, Alexis took it.

Going into Tribal Council, Alexis was confident she had turned her teammates against her rival.  Funny thing about assumptions…….

Alexis was over-confident in her social game and in her standing with the team, but she learned quickly as she was unanimously voted out, leaving in tears.  Criers on Survivor annoy me too!

Yung-Woo-HwangSomeone who didn’t annoy me last night was Woo!  I predicted week one that Woo would outwit, outplay and outlast,  everyone else this season and I stand by that prediction.

Last night he finally began to play both a social and athletic game.

Woo has the ability to win key individual challenges both athletically and mentally.

He has a good social game that flies under the radar and his calm demeanor will be key going down the stretch.

I was happy to see Woo move into a key role last night and look forward to him taking it to the end.

One last thing…. Probst looked hot, as usual last night!  I nominate Jeff Probst for the next edition of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!



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