#Sochi2014 – Olympians to Watch, The Eye-Candy Edition

Sochi is here!  While I hate the politics of the Russian Government, I LOVE the Olympics.  Every four years the youth of the world gather for what should be peaceful competition, without politics or borders.  Sadly the build-up to this Olympiad has been filled with both.

I fell in love with the Olympics in 1976 as I cheered Dorothy Hamill along in her simple red dress towards the Gold Medal in Ladies Figure Skating.  From that moment on, I have loved the Games.

I was fortunate to live in Atlanta during the 1996 Centennial Games and I tell everyone who loves sport, if you ever have the chance to live in an Olympic City, you should, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

As the flame of the Olympics burns over Sochi, I thought I would share a few of the names from the US Team that I will be watching over the next two weeks.  Not only because of their athletic prowess, but quite simply because they are HOTTIES!

Allow me to introduce the Gay 50 Blog – Olympic Hotties!

BODE MILLER – The Olympic Bad Boy

b miller

Brash, cocky, bad boy Bode Miller skis the Men’s Downhill for the United States.  This will be Miller’s fifth Olympic Games with a total of 5 previous medals making up his collection.   You can expect anything from Miller, but thankfully he is a sure bet for the spotlight!

b miller 2

SHANI DAVIS – Cool as Ice


Shani Davis is one of the stars of the United States Speed Skating Team and returns for his third Games.  With two gold medals to his credit, Davis looks to add more hardware to his collection in Sochi.  Shani Davis is the strong silent type, but when he glides out on the ice in his skin-tight body suit, everyone takes notice!


CHARLIE WHITE – The Guy You Want to Take Home to Meet Your Mom

C White

As one half of the World’s 3 time Champion Ice Dancing team, Charlie White and Meryl Davis hold the United States best chance for Figure Skating Gold.  With an Olympic Silver Medal in Vancouver, this team has dominated the sport ever since.  White is a beautiful strong skater who protects his partner with strength and elegance.  Charlie White is the kind of guy your mother would love to have you bring home, plus he has those long curly blonde locks…… sigh!

c White 2

EDDY ALVAREZ – Melting the Ice with Miami Heat

e alvarez

Bringing south Florida flavor to short track speed skating, Eddy Alvarez will be competing in his first Olympics at Sochi.  The son of Cuban immigrants, Alvarez experience in Sochi may be the starting point for his future Olympic experience in 2018 and beyond.

E Alvarez 2

SHAUN WHITE – Flying Ginger

S White

Every “hot guy” list needs a ginger and ours includes two-time Halfpipe Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White.  Going for a historic win number three, White is now the veteran of the US team at the age of 27.  As a multi-million dollar brand, White has matured from the wild-haired kid of 2006 into a sophisticated coiffed gentleman on and off the snow.  Either way, that flaming red hair makes men and women alike swoon as he flies through the air.

s white 2


J Brown

I predict, Jason Brown will come out of the Sochi Olympics as one of the most beloved athletes at the Games.  His effervescent personality and joy of life will carry him far, and while it would be a major upset if he were to medal, this Olympiad is about the future for Brown.  One of my favorite athletes in Sochi, watch him melt hearts and ice all over Russia!

J Brown 2


D BackesDavid Backes – Team USA Hockey

J Zezel  Jared Zezel – Team USA Curling

M Bohonnon  Mac Bohonnon – Team USA Freestyle Skiing

t burke  Tim Burke – Team USA Biathlon

t y wallace  Torin Yater-Wallace – Team USA Ski and Snowboard

C Butner  Cory Butner – Team USA Bobsled and Skeleton

These are just a few of the athletes I will be watching during the next two weeks in Sochi.  Good luck to all and enjoy the Games!

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